SpecialCleaning_06We propose the various special cleaning with various cleaning methods and machines . We provide the cleaning work to the special venue/places such as to the glass on high building/facility, to Lighting equipment with High Worktable, brush the stone materials, Water related equipment.  We provide high-quality result of our  special cleaning requires the special knowledge and skill, we educate our staff by our internal tranining progmam in order to let them learn the standarization of the work quality, not only skill-up.


Roof Drain & Gutter Cleaning

We provide the periodical check-up and cleaning the roof drain. For example, we would remove the leaves and sands in order to let the rain water run out smoothly to protect the water leackage proactively. We would throw away properly after we put those gabbage into the bags properly.


Removal & Prevention of Calcium Deposit

We remove the unrinary stones and stains which are accumulated for the past 1 – 2 years even though the daily cleaning is done. We usse special chemicals to remove it foundamentally and solve the cause of bad smell and to improve the efficiency of draining. It would improve the quality and image of the rest rooms because we would polish the flush valve ans stainless equipments.